Monday, March 31, 2008

Vote We Need Girlfriends!

Just had a communique with We Need Girlfriends creator Angel Acevedo (fancy way of saying my homie just Gmail chatted me) who made me aware of something all WNG fans can help out with.

Head over to this site and vote for We Need Girlfriends in the Media Industry Poll (it's in green).

All the guys at WNG thank you for your support, assuming you vote. If not, they collectively tell you to fuck yourself (actually that's my improv).

Sunday, March 23, 2008

If CBS Were Smart...

They'd partner with NASA and get Gus Johnson a supersonic jet and just fly him to all close games in the NCAA tourney.

Last night good ole' Gus was flipping his shit during Michigan State's (relatively) comfortable win.

Could you imagine if he was calling the UCLA/A&M game?

Kevin Love would be wiping off scraps of Gus Johnson's brain matter from his forehead with the way that one ended.

It would've been like this times a billion: