Saturday, February 14, 2009

25 Things About My Blog

Since the 25 Things Note I posted on Facebook means I could never possibly do an actual 25 Things Note and I'm not sure I could ever fill out one anyway, I decided to do a 25 Things Note about my blog. Humor me.

1) I blogged about how I thought The Mighty Ducks was 'fucking bullshit'.

2) I blogged about the false hope Guitar Hero gave me.

3) I blogged about my weekends in the Bronx.

4) I blogged about how I should get back into babysitting.

5) I blogged about robbing my apartment in a clearly passive agressive attempt to remind my roomates to lock the door.

6) I blogged about the most epic Halloween blackout of all time.

7) I blogged about being able to beat Steve Prefontaine in a race, and other benefits of baldness.

8) I blogged about the ridiculous song "Our Country" and how it would work for a Peugot ad.

9) I blogged about a Devil's Advocate column gone horribly awry.

10) I blogged about my crime solving tactics.

11) I blogged about Bumper Stickers.

12 I blogged about changes to Fenway following Dice-K's arrival.

13) I blogged about nearly being killed by Nickelback.

14) I blogged about the benefits of Fergie becoming reacquainted with crystal meth.

15) I blogged about the Mooninite Attack fallout.

16) I blogged about seeing Arcade Fire on Valentine's Day in a 400 person capacity church.

17) I blogged about choosing the Red Sox closer by song.

18) I blogged about an interview series I conducted with Team Ragtag

19) I blogged about Thanksgiving Eve in a white trash town.

20) I blogged about a movie I co-wrote once.

21) I blogged about challenging Bang Camaro

22) I blogged about attending an embarassing tale that occurred at a music industry party.

23) I blogged about a road trip to Astoria.

24) I blogged about my use in a promotional image.

25) I blogged about the Bruins.
Gadget Woes

My camera is being finicky, I need a new battery cover or else it won't stay on, hence no Bruins blog projects the past 3 games. Bruins loss with Mom vs. the Blues, Bruins win with Jon vs. the Caps, Bruins loss with Jon, Chris, Jackie vs. the Sharks. 3 Jumbotron appearances.

My iPod just died.

My laptop is barely functioning, hence no blogging from home.

Great timing.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Real Downfall of Lucky the Mascot?

This has been floating around for the past few days since Lucky the Mascot has been fired from the Celtics. If true: Awesome. If fake: Still a great piece of fiction.

Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2009 09:07:38 EST
Subject: Real Lucky Story from the Boards...Seems legit
Ok, I have a friend who works for the Celtics. High enough that he knows the whole Lucky story.Here's the email I got from him today when I asked him about what happened (his name and address have been removed)...

Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2009
To: xxx
Subject: Re: Lucky

Well, it’s a really long story. But I'll try and make it as brief as possible. Things have been getting worse over the past year for Damon (that’s Lucky). Even before the 07-08 season he started bitching about his salary. And he gets paid more than you think - the rumor around here is that it's in the 85-95k range. And it’s basically a part time job. Plus, he gets a bonus for appearances, so he's easily in six figures. They didn't end up giving a bump before last season, so he ended up blowing off a few appearances. The brass was a little pissed, but nothing major. Anyway, after the C's won it last year, it definitely went to his head. This year, he demanded a makeshift "meditation room" be made available so he could get to meditate before every game. He’s huge into that. But people from outside would walk by the closed door and hear him pumping himself up by saying things like "This is your game Damon" and "No one is better than you Damon." It was hilarious. I personally walked by once and heard him blaring some kind of techno and just yelling out loud screams. Also, this year he started referring to himself in the third person. And better yet, as "Lucky", instead of Damon. He did end up getting a raise this year, but I don’t think it was much - so he was pissed off again. But a few weeks ago, he started having creative differences with the game producer (his boss). Damon wanted to start introducing the players before the game - instead of having the announcer do it. He also wanted to start travelling with the team to away games. Plus, he HATED Coach Willie Maye and thought that he should be doing the in game interviews instead of Willie. Apparently the two of them had words on more than one occasion. But everyone here loves Willie, and that didn’t go over so well. So, the higher ups were starting to get fed up with his BS anyway. Anyway, the other day, there was some kind of fund raiser for Children's Hospital or something and he strictly refused to show up unless we sent a limo to pick him up at his house in Quincy. We obviously didn't send a limo, but told him to take a cab and we'd pay for it. He refused to do this and actually told his boss "Lucky doesn't take cabs" . An actual quote. Anyway, that was the last straw and we let him go yesterday.