Monday, October 06, 2008

Jeff Goes To Astoria, Ragtag Goes To Blogspot, Los Angeles

It's no secret that I'm on 'Team Ragtag'. Ragtag is comprised of some of my best college chums and I've enjoyed watching them succeed. That said, I hadn't seen these guys in years, sure we all talk lots via the intrawebs, morse code and such, but I hadn't seen Brian or Steve since graduation, and Angel one year later. So, I did what any absentee friend SHOULD have done years prior, go visit and get blindingly drunk.

Headed up to good old Astoria, Queens, New York, America, The World a few weeks ago to stay at casa Amyot/Acevedo where we went out to the infamous Bohemian Beer Garden. It was quite the shit show, full of beer, brats, old friends, new friends, Tibetan Monks, and debates about Street Figher II (Guile>everyone).

As you can see from the photos below, it was quite the night. Angel has this mythical ability to accurately depict how drunk everyone is by making the shots blurrier and blurrier. This may actually be because he cannot stand straight at the time, but the jury is still out.

Additionally, I got to meet Patrick "Tom" Cohen and Evan "Rod" Bass, two amazingly fun, nice, hilarious dudes.

So why this long blog entry? Well, to showcase another Ragtag endeavor; their move to Los Angeles! The Angel, Brian, Steve and Tom are moving to LA very shortly and will be docublogging the whole thing on their brand spankin new Blogger blog.

So follow their journeys cross country and keep on supporting them, good things are afoot:


Angel said...

Bong diggity!

steve said...

I love that jacket... what was your marathon time?