Monday, October 13, 2008

Bruins Blog Project

Most of you know, that I became a Bruins Season Ticket Holder this year. I split 2 seats 4 ways with 3 other friends. That's a lot of numbers. Basically, I own 2 seats to 10 games this year, and as you may have seen from my ticket draft post, I got awesome games. I'm also going to opening night and another game via the ST's, not to mention any other game Jon, Chris or Steve decide to bring me to.

So, I'm going to recap everyone of these games right here the next day (so, very likely.) Who I went with, where we imbibed before hand, and all the other pertinent minutiae of attending a game (because I never have anyone to tell when I see random stuff, like people wearing misspelled P.J. Axelsson jerseys.)

Opening Night is 10/20. Stay tuned.

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