Monday, October 27, 2008

Bruins Blog Project: Game 2 10/24/08 v.Atlanta

Final Score: Bruins 5 Atlanta 4
Attended With: Katelyn

Pregame: Polar opposite of last game, really. Not much emphasis on pregame and much more on post. We cruised from Wollaston in good time and got to the Garden at about 6:45. They tweaked the intro montage to include the two big hits from Thursday's Leafs game (Wideman's hit on Stajan was in the middle and Lucic's glass shatterer on Van Ryn ended the entire montage. The place went nuts.) Like good Americans, we got beer during the Anthem. Whoops.

The Game: Like I said, polar opposite of Monday's game. The Bruins played like garbage in the first period and the goals were fast and furious. Down 2-0 after 1, most of the building was grumbling. I went on a search for one of those foam bear claw things for Katelyn. It's kind of an inside joke that dates back to Opening Night 2007 and involves frightening a child. I won't go into it. Anyway, they were no where to be found. I walked around the entire Balcony level like an idiot. It was tough maneuvering, especially around the Hungry For Hockey section. That's the all you can eat section of the Garden. It looks like the cleared out a Fan Zone and made a food stand/cafeteria type deal out of it.

Back to the action, the second was a totally different story. Stephane "Old" Yelle(r) actually scored the first Bruins goal on a great tip in. Next up was the man, myth and legend Milan Lucic. Was wide open in the slot and Ryder found him to tie it up. All 3's after 2.

Katelyn will tell you, that after Lucic's second goal, I said, "How about a Milan hat trick?" and sure enough it happened! The place went bonkers. A hat trick, coupled with a game winning goal with under 2 minutes left in the period combined to drive fans into a euphoria.

Once again, here's another video I took:

The Looooooooch chant is really taking off, too. It's the next Youuuuuuuuuk (which was the next Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu [which was the next Drewwwwwwwwwwwww.])

Post-Game: There's nothing like a hapy exiting crowd, things just seem better. A couple of nice guys complimented me on my great game today (I was wearing my Lucic jersey) and we had a laugh.

Then it was off to Hurricane O'Reilly's for post-game drinks, of which I was happy to take part in. We had a good spot watching the Penn St/OSU game until some nerd wearing a full Philadelphia Phillies uniform had the bartender change the channel to the World Series. I checked my watch and noticed that the game didn't start until after 10:00 p.m. and I felt a twinge of horror for all of my FOX co-workers stuck at work until the game ended. We eventually moved to a better area to watch football (not before talking to a real live French Canadian in a Quebec Nordiques shirt!) and left shortly thereafter.

While waiting for the train, there were these 4 dudes playing kick hockey with an empty Mountain Dew bottle. They were all wearing Bruins jerseys (including a Manny Fernandez jersey, wtf?) and, seeing how I was a bit buzzed and had the need to take part in some sort of game, I stood a few feet away and, would you know it, the bottle came to me and I kicked it over to them. I felt like the last kid picked in gym class.

T ride home was uneventful. I may have booed the Ashmont train, but I may just be making that up. I'll have to ask for confirmation. Talked to my brother on the phone who was at USC/Arizona, and hoped for the upset for him then passed out.

Bruins Blog Project First Star: Those of you who frequent Celtics games may know who Soulja Boy, Jr is (LINK) and the Bruins may have found their match. They showed this little kid on the Jumbotron who was probably around 6 years old. The kid popped his shirt off and had a full Bruins logo painted on his chest. It was pretty impressive. He danced and flexed and served as the Bruins Jumbotron mascot all night. I hope he's a fixture.

Bruins Blog Project Last Star: The Harp. I like to go to The Harp after most every Bruins or Celtics game I go to. No, it's not because I'm an alcoholic, it's because I don't like insane crowds. Going to the T after immediately after a game is like taking part in a human cattle call. Going after 1 drink is like being an extra in 28 Days Later. It's a ghost town, and a no-brainer if you hate crowded trains. Anyway, we got in line and found out it's a $10 cover AND you can't wear hats. Most everyone was OK with the cover, but the hat thing was a deal breaker for half the line and a lot of people left. Didn't The Harp realize that 67% of their crowd was heading there directly from a hockey game? What's up with that?

So, it was off to Hurricane's. $5 cover and fucking hats EVERYWHERE.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

In Which I Meet A Blog Fan Who Did Not Give Birth To Me

With apologies to Lita Ford, I went to a party last Saturday night (I didn't get laid, I got in a fight.) and I happened to run into a fan of this very blog. This does not happen very often, unless I'm looking into a mirror, or I've been invited to my parent's house for dinner.

Naturally, I was pleased.

So, a shoutout to Nagle, who was kind enough to tell me good things about myself and who I may or may not travel with as my inspirational spirit motivational guide.

Then, we got shitfaced and he gave me 401k advice (which is how all 401k advice should be given these days.)

So Nagle, I promise to post more, and I promise you are way better than this Nagle:

Friday, October 24, 2008

For Those Who Question My Milan Lucic Man-Crush

Here is an actual man crush

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bruins Blog Project: Game 1 10/20/08 v. Pittsburgh

Final Score: Penguins 2, Bruins 1 (SO)
Attended With:
Co-Season Ticket Holders Jon, Steve & Chris; Dave B.

Pregame: Pregame took on a whole new meaning as this was the home opener for the Bruins. We had found out more than 5 months ago that we had become season ticket holders, so this was a long time coming. The plan was to hit Fan Fest, which began at 4:30, mostly to pick up the t-shirt, then fuel up on beer and food at a Canal Street locale of our choosing (Hurricane O'Reilly's) before making it in.

I don't think I've ever headed down to a game this early, as I donned my Lucic jersey and left my apartment at 3:40. I got some weird looks as I walked down to the Wollaston T, especially outside of the Hancock Tavern and Alumni Cafe. I don't think people are ready for hockey season one day after ALCS Game 7. Whatever, it's helping me get over that loss.

Met up with Dave and Steve on the line for Fan Fest. Very impressive line formed, a few hundred deep before 4:30. We got in and got a pretty sick free t-shirt. Bruins' theme this year is "We Want It Just As Bad As You," and the shirt plays off that theme. Whatever, it beats, "It's Called Bruins." I still don't even know what that means.

The rest of Fan Fest was pretty par for the course (aside from the giant Patrice Bergeron ice sculpture. Sweet!) They had some booths were you could shoot some street hockey balls (at pedestrians, it seemed) and sign up for free shit. We were also graced with a performance by one of the worst cover bands I'd ever heard, One Night Stand. Good god... Actually Bad god. They were terrible.

Once Jon hooked up with us we headed to Hurricane's by about 5:15. We beat the crowd which never happens and had beers (no pitchers?!), burgers and our bill paid by 6:15. Very clutch on our part. Then it was off to our seats! (But not before picking up our second freebie, thundersticks with lights inside of them [weak sauce])

Love section 308. We are in the end zone, so you can see a lot of particulars of the game that someone like me, who never played, likes to pick up. The breakout, the changes, the outlets, etc. Section was pretty packed and spirited, we have some rowdy sections along with us.

Pre-game intros were great. Patrice Bergeron's ovation was nearly the loudest I'd ever heard the Garden. Additionally, they forgot to announce Mark Stuart which was pretty hilarious. He took it well and got a great ovation.

The Game: This post is pretty pre-game centric, because of the nature of things, but the game was fairly uneventful. We were switching seats a bunch, too. We had a few extras near us and since we only own 2 seats and came with 5 guys, we did some mixing and matching.

The "Hall Gill sucks" chants were unbelievable. Because he does. Two guys behind us were getting pissy at us when we stood during breakaways and close plays in front of our own net. I'm sorry, but I imagine they'll get a better view in their living room. Additionally, they smelled really bad.

Dave and Steve got caught on the Jumbotron. Actually, Jon did, too. Nice to know we'll have a cameraguy handy.

Speaking of the Jumbotron, captured this video, which I thought was utterly mindblowing. Arcade Fire and Boston Bruins. Two of my greatest loves, together at last??

Strangely, first shootout I'd ever witnessed. B's were a few inches from finishing and winning their home opener, especially after soundly outplaying the Pens. I really look forward to watching this team through the year. They're going to seriously make some noise.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In Honor Of Bruins-Habs Tonight...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Bruins Blog Project

Most of you know, that I became a Bruins Season Ticket Holder this year. I split 2 seats 4 ways with 3 other friends. That's a lot of numbers. Basically, I own 2 seats to 10 games this year, and as you may have seen from my ticket draft post, I got awesome games. I'm also going to opening night and another game via the ST's, not to mention any other game Jon, Chris or Steve decide to bring me to.

So, I'm going to recap everyone of these games right here the next day (so, very likely.) Who I went with, where we imbibed before hand, and all the other pertinent minutiae of attending a game (because I never have anyone to tell when I see random stuff, like people wearing misspelled P.J. Axelsson jerseys.)

Opening Night is 10/20. Stay tuned.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Halloween Costume Ideas: 2008 Edition

It's time for my bi-annual Halloween costume ideas post! Why bi-annual? Because I got entirely lazy last year and didn't post anything. But here's 2006 for a refresher, all costumes aside from John Mark Karr may still be applicable.

My theory is that a good costume should be in one of the following categories: newsworthy, nostalgic or pop culture. This flies against the 'sexy anything' rule that some girls follow i.e. "sexy cat", "sexy ladybug", "sexy person without creativity." It also limits those pre-packaged Halloween costumes that people are so wont to spend way too much money on (full disclosure: I once bought a pre-packaged "Hugh Hefner" smoking jacket and pipe to become "Hef Israel", I was rewarded with the infamous Halloween blackout of 2002 and vowed to never do it again.)

This is just my opinion, but you should have as much fun making your Halloween costume as you do getting blackout drunk in your Halloween costume.

1) Sarah Palin-osauraus

Why: Face it, EVERYONE is going to be Sarah Palin, so you might as well put your own spin on it. Being a brunette of questionable eyesight does not a costume make. Short of up-doin'g a pig mask with some lipstick, this is your best bet.

What You Need: Aside from the obvious Palin accoutrement (liptick, glasses, up-do, business suit), you'll need some styrofoam or cardboard scales running down your spine. A tail is optional, but vicious fangs are a must.

Additional Accessories: Baby dinosaur; mutilated corpse of Putin-osauraus

2) Werewolf Bar-Mitzvah

Why: Perhaps the funniest 6.5 seconds in recent television history that did not involve a Bluth.

What You Need: Werewolf make-up, yarmulke, recreation of Tallit (note: You can go with a real one, if you're down with sacrilege and all of that.)

Additional Accessories: "I Danced My Pants Off At Remus Lupin's Bar Mitzvah" commemorative boxer shorts

3) Frank Caliendo

Why: Because who can't get enough of Frank Caliendo? If pulling off this costume, it'd be best to hype some sort of event to partygoers for the duration of the party and not perform said event until everyone has left.

What You Need: 1 good impression, 7 bad impressions, sports coat + striped shirt.

Additional Accessories: Terry Bradshaw

4) Pete Doherty

Why: Much like Palin, Amy Winehouse will be a hot costume this year. Why not go as her taller counterpart in drug indulgence, Pete Doherty?

What You Need: Pork Pie hat, disheveled suit, fucked up teeth, bags of questionable powdery substance, blood-filled syringe.

Additional Accesories: Unfinished love letter to Carl Barat; Kate Moss; more bags of questionable powdery substance.

Bonus!: Some costumes allow you to act the part. For example, if you were dressed up as either Cookie Monster or Delta Burke, you have free range to gorge on cookies at an unmatched pace all night, whether they are yours or the party host's. All is fair game. Dressing up like Petey allows you to stumble over everything and everyone all night to no consequence, bag models and steal the host's belongings to pawn for heroin.

5) The McPoyle's

Why: It's hard to find a good couples costume and here's one that works for almost any pairing. A boyfriend and girlfriend could go as Ryan and Margaret McPoyle, two friends or a gay couple could go as Ryan and Liam McPoyle. It's multi-faceted. Plus, robes are comfy.

What You Need: Robes, uni-brows, shared towel, long nightshirt (for Margaret), milk.

Additional Accessories: Fork for stabbing, friend dressed as Greenman.

So that's that, feel free to leave additional costume ideas in the comments and I shall too, if I think of any (which I won't.)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Behold Fake Youkilis.

Sure he's just a bald guy with a brush-like reddish goatee, but something about him just says "Youkilis". In retrosepect, I think it was all of the swearing.

(This vid was post-Lowrie hit, right before we hightailed it home)

Monday, October 06, 2008


Strangely, this'll be my first time at a baseball playoff game. Been to B's, C's and Pats playoff tilts, but never the Sox. Very excited despite the shitty SRO's scored.

Will be quite the late night, especially based on the previous games. Only one ended before 1 a.m. (just barely) and that game started at 7:27. Random 8:37 start tonight, and hopefully Lester and Lackey both pitch as brilliantly as Game 1.

Go Sox!
Jeff Goes To Astoria, Ragtag Goes To Blogspot, Los Angeles

It's no secret that I'm on 'Team Ragtag'. Ragtag is comprised of some of my best college chums and I've enjoyed watching them succeed. That said, I hadn't seen these guys in years, sure we all talk lots via the intrawebs, morse code and such, but I hadn't seen Brian or Steve since graduation, and Angel one year later. So, I did what any absentee friend SHOULD have done years prior, go visit and get blindingly drunk.

Headed up to good old Astoria, Queens, New York, America, The World a few weeks ago to stay at casa Amyot/Acevedo where we went out to the infamous Bohemian Beer Garden. It was quite the shit show, full of beer, brats, old friends, new friends, Tibetan Monks, and debates about Street Figher II (Guile>everyone).

As you can see from the photos below, it was quite the night. Angel has this mythical ability to accurately depict how drunk everyone is by making the shots blurrier and blurrier. This may actually be because he cannot stand straight at the time, but the jury is still out.

Additionally, I got to meet Patrick "Tom" Cohen and Evan "Rod" Bass, two amazingly fun, nice, hilarious dudes.

So why this long blog entry? Well, to showcase another Ragtag endeavor; their move to Los Angeles! The Angel, Brian, Steve and Tom are moving to LA very shortly and will be docublogging the whole thing on their brand spankin new Blogger blog.

So follow their journeys cross country and keep on supporting them, good things are afoot:

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Examining The AL Playoffs Using The Always Sunny In Philadelphia Paragon Paradigm

It's not always wise to examines aspects of your life based on lessons levied in Always Sunny In Philadelphia. It could lead you drop acid whilst tailgating, date local rappers of questionable scholastic aptitude, or lie to your friends about having cancer.

However, there is one lesson that can be applied to a real life scenario; The Always Sunny/Ghostbusters Paradigm. Take a look at how it plays into the American League Playoff Scenario:

The Brains/The Muscle: The Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim:

Their lineup is a combination of brute force and savvy situational hitting. Scioscia and Artie Moreno constructed a great team and added even more power by trading for Teixeira even while up 13 games on the competition. Not sure how they'd do with a samurai sword.

The Looks: Tampa Bay Rays:

Young, fast and a sexy pick. Not quite as prone to pop their shirt off as, say, the Brewers (or Rex), but they have a bird that won't quit. Additionally, their stadium looks like a nipple.

The Girl Who Does Nothing: The Chicago White Sox

Substitute "Chicago White Sox" for "Sweet Dee" in all of the episode titles. Nothing really changes. The Chicago White Sox Date A Retarded Guy? I'd buy it. Frank Sets The Chicago White Sox On Fire? Seems reasonable. Enjoy Tampa.

Wild Card: The Boston Red Sox

For literal and figurative reasons, the Boston Red Sox are absolutely capable of anything. They could rattle off 11 straight wins or get swept. I would not be surprised by either. As long as they don't cut the brakes of the bandwagon while trying to Feeeeeeeeeeeeel You Up. Wild Card Bitches