Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bruins Blog Project: Game 1 10/20/08 v. Pittsburgh

Final Score: Penguins 2, Bruins 1 (SO)
Attended With:
Co-Season Ticket Holders Jon, Steve & Chris; Dave B.

Pregame: Pregame took on a whole new meaning as this was the home opener for the Bruins. We had found out more than 5 months ago that we had become season ticket holders, so this was a long time coming. The plan was to hit Fan Fest, which began at 4:30, mostly to pick up the t-shirt, then fuel up on beer and food at a Canal Street locale of our choosing (Hurricane O'Reilly's) before making it in.

I don't think I've ever headed down to a game this early, as I donned my Lucic jersey and left my apartment at 3:40. I got some weird looks as I walked down to the Wollaston T, especially outside of the Hancock Tavern and Alumni Cafe. I don't think people are ready for hockey season one day after ALCS Game 7. Whatever, it's helping me get over that loss.

Met up with Dave and Steve on the line for Fan Fest. Very impressive line formed, a few hundred deep before 4:30. We got in and got a pretty sick free t-shirt. Bruins' theme this year is "We Want It Just As Bad As You," and the shirt plays off that theme. Whatever, it beats, "It's Called Bruins." I still don't even know what that means.

The rest of Fan Fest was pretty par for the course (aside from the giant Patrice Bergeron ice sculpture. Sweet!) They had some booths were you could shoot some street hockey balls (at pedestrians, it seemed) and sign up for free shit. We were also graced with a performance by one of the worst cover bands I'd ever heard, One Night Stand. Good god... Actually Bad god. They were terrible.

Once Jon hooked up with us we headed to Hurricane's by about 5:15. We beat the crowd which never happens and had beers (no pitchers?!), burgers and our bill paid by 6:15. Very clutch on our part. Then it was off to our seats! (But not before picking up our second freebie, thundersticks with lights inside of them [weak sauce])

Love section 308. We are in the end zone, so you can see a lot of particulars of the game that someone like me, who never played, likes to pick up. The breakout, the changes, the outlets, etc. Section was pretty packed and spirited, we have some rowdy sections along with us.

Pre-game intros were great. Patrice Bergeron's ovation was nearly the loudest I'd ever heard the Garden. Additionally, they forgot to announce Mark Stuart which was pretty hilarious. He took it well and got a great ovation.

The Game: This post is pretty pre-game centric, because of the nature of things, but the game was fairly uneventful. We were switching seats a bunch, too. We had a few extras near us and since we only own 2 seats and came with 5 guys, we did some mixing and matching.

The "Hall Gill sucks" chants were unbelievable. Because he does. Two guys behind us were getting pissy at us when we stood during breakaways and close plays in front of our own net. I'm sorry, but I imagine they'll get a better view in their living room. Additionally, they smelled really bad.

Dave and Steve got caught on the Jumbotron. Actually, Jon did, too. Nice to know we'll have a cameraguy handy.

Speaking of the Jumbotron, captured this video, which I thought was utterly mindblowing. Arcade Fire and Boston Bruins. Two of my greatest loves, together at last??

Strangely, first shootout I'd ever witnessed. B's were a few inches from finishing and winning their home opener, especially after soundly outplaying the Pens. I really look forward to watching this team through the year. They're going to seriously make some noise.

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