Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Brings Whole New Meaning To The Pine Tar Incident.

With thanks (or blame) to Dave Willer

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Season Ticket Holder Draft

Went in on 2 season tickets for the Bruins this year with 3 friends. If you're doing the math at home we each get 2 seats to 10 games each, plus we're all going to the Home Opener.

How do we choose the games we're going to? Well a nerdy season ticket holders draft of course. We held it at my buddy Singer's house before the Pats-Jets and made a whole BeerBQ out of it.

Like I said, it was nerdy, and we planned accordingly with a banner:

And a homemade game schedule

I had first pick via the lottery and my first pick was:

It was all pretty ridiculously hardcore. I had a full on draft ranking system and there were lots of lulls. None worthy of any Minnesota Viking-esque pick hopping. But there was a lot of debate. Even a Passover induced Canadiens game swappage. (Singer was clearly the least prepared. The Matt Millen of the draft, as it were)

And that's that. Here's the list of games I got. I did damn well:

  • 10/20 v Pittsburgh
  • 11/29 v Detroit
  • 11/1 v Dallas
  • 1/13 v Montreal
  • 11/8 v Buffalo
  • 3/3 v Philadelphia
  • 1/19 v St. Louis
  • 10/25 v Atlanta
  • 1/27 v Washington
  • 3/31 v Tampa Bay
  • 3/12 v Ottawa

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

DeSean Jackson: Please Fuck Yourself (At Least Until This Sunday)

My quest for the worst possible opening to a Fantasy Football season continues. First, my starting QB and #1 draft pick (5th overall) goes down with a season ending injury 8 minutes into Game 1. Next, my suicide pool pick Jacksonville can't beat a Tennessee team whose QB tandem has been described in the past with the following terms: suicidal, racist, quixotic, alcoholic.

Then, well, this happened:

Fortunately, things most assuredly can't get worse. I think.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

He's Baaaaack

Ah, playoff season!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

New Mitch Hedberg!

Excited to DL this when I get home and stop sobbing about Tom Brady for about 40 minutes.
We Need Girlfriends Update

I was pleasantly surprised to see a new bit of WNG news as I picked up my Variety at the doorstep today. It was almost enough to get me to stop crying about Tom Brady's knee. Almost.

Martin, Schiff join CBS' 'Girlfriends'

'Cavemen' vets named series' showrunners

Bill Martin and Mike Schiff ("Grounded for Life") have been named exec producer-showrunners of CBS comedy project "We Need Girlfriends."

Also Monday, Fox gave a pilot order to the tentatively titled "Eva Adams," Kevin Falls' take on the Argentine telenovela "Lalola."

Martin and Schiff join "We Need Girlfriends" under their recently signed overall deal with Sony Pictures TV, which is behind the laffer.

Based on a series of YouTube videos, "We Need Girlfriends" centers on three recent college grads who enter the Gotham dating scene after all of their girlfriends dump them at once.

Sony-based Darren Star is also exec producing. Steven Tsapelas, Angel Acevedo and Brian Amyot created the original Web series. Dennis Erdman and Clark Petersen are also attached.

Besides "Grounded for Life," Martin and Schiff's credits include "Cavemen" and "3rd Rock From the Sun."

As for "Eva Adams," the hourlong project revolves around a womanizing lothario who somehow turns into a woman -- and learns what it's like to experience the kind of abuse he used to dole out. Project is set in the world of sports management in addition to fashion.

Falls wrote the adaptation and will exec produce; Jamie Tarses is also exec producer. Sony Pictures TV is behind the project, which is based on the Dori Media Intl. format. Fox had previously picked up the project as a put pilot; new move bumps it up to full-fledged pilot status.

Dori Media Group began pitching the format in the fall as a "new type of telenovela," eschewing the genre's usual rich-poor love story in favor of something more contemporary and faster-paced (Daily Variety, Sept. 1).

"Lalola," which originally aired on Argentina's America TV, is also being adapted locally for TV in the Philippines.

Other projects in the works at Fox include the musically driven entry "Glee"; Sam Baum entry "Lie to Me," starring Tim Roth; the Paul Attanasio drama "Courtroom K"; the space thriller "Virtuality"; the comedy "Boldly Going Nowhere"; the Wilmer Valderrama vehicle "The Emancipation of Ernesto"; and the Shaun Cassidy entry "Inseparable."

Pretty sick news. Brian totally got the shaft on the hyperink, though.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sometimes An Old Thing Can Make You Feel Young

Remember this? Probably a familiar sight to everyone in college between '04 and '06. Probably a strange sight to all of those people's co-workers.