Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Season Ticket Holder Draft

Went in on 2 season tickets for the Bruins this year with 3 friends. If you're doing the math at home we each get 2 seats to 10 games each, plus we're all going to the Home Opener.

How do we choose the games we're going to? Well a nerdy season ticket holders draft of course. We held it at my buddy Singer's house before the Pats-Jets and made a whole BeerBQ out of it.

Like I said, it was nerdy, and we planned accordingly with a banner:

And a homemade game schedule

I had first pick via the lottery and my first pick was:

It was all pretty ridiculously hardcore. I had a full on draft ranking system and there were lots of lulls. None worthy of any Minnesota Viking-esque pick hopping. But there was a lot of debate. Even a Passover induced Canadiens game swappage. (Singer was clearly the least prepared. The Matt Millen of the draft, as it were)

And that's that. Here's the list of games I got. I did damn well:

  • 10/20 v Pittsburgh
  • 11/29 v Detroit
  • 11/1 v Dallas
  • 1/13 v Montreal
  • 11/8 v Buffalo
  • 3/3 v Philadelphia
  • 1/19 v St. Louis
  • 10/25 v Atlanta
  • 1/27 v Washington
  • 3/31 v Tampa Bay
  • 3/12 v Ottawa

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NYR Zach said...

You get to see Sean Avery in person on 11/1!