Thursday, February 01, 2007

Recovery: One Day After the Mooninites Attack Boston.

Greetings those of you who managed to escape the vicious attacks of 1/31/07.

Consider us the lucky ones. For it was us, The Fortunate, who hath survived the wretched and ruthless blitzkreig via Lite Brite.

What's next for our culture? WE MUST MOVE ON. But first, I profess we should gather all of the scientists, politicians, thinkers, and others essential for the bettering of our society in the future, and move them into a NORAD bunker. If the Mooninites attack again, we must have our brightest protected from the glares of the enemy's Lite Brite arsenal.

Next, we must Laugh. Are you serious, Boston? We got Punk'd by a decent-at-best cartoon? Could you imagine if people found mini Towelies or Butters over the city? Martial Law, motherfuckers.

Anyway, the fallout from yesterday was HIGH-larious, including the most amazing press conference ever recorded (not involving Jim Mora). Bonus points if you know the people answering the questions:

[Adult Swim] and Williams Street and Cartoon Network offered an apology last night. For those not familiar with AS, these white quotes on black background bump ins and outs are the norm.

T-shirts have been popping up all over ebay:

This borders the line between terrible and awesome:

And now, my favorite Mooninite clip (and a question, if they really were bombs, would they have exploded, really really really slowly?):

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