Friday, February 16, 2007

The Only Unsuccessful Part Of The Arcade Fire Show

The show predictably owned all sorts of face the other night. I'll have a review up in a bit (because 2 day old reviews are the heat!) and I have some great pictures. But first there's this:

That's right. Couldn't fill out the Hipster Bingo card in Washington Square Park of all places! That might seem like a travestshamockery to you, but Katelyn and I have rationalized it. We think the card is a bit outdated.

First, change the name. Hipster Bingo is sooooo Strokes tour. Scenester Bingo, now you're talking.

Second, no one wears trucker hats, and ironic mustaches are on the way out. Actually, this entire card may be solely based on Ashton Kutcher's wardrobe. Whatever. I'd say replace those two items with 'unnecessary beard' and 'creative scarf tie' and you'd be a bit more up to date.

Unfortunately, it was freezing out and there was no coat check, so it was hard to see any star tattoos, haircuts, and I wasn't paying attention to anyone's shoes.

For shame.

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