Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl Thoughts

The Game: I'm sure you've
heard enough about this game to mimic Peyton's audibles with your eyes
closed, so I won't dwell too much on it. But god, I hate the fucking Colts.

Commercials: Wow. What a horrible year for commercials. All ad writers must've quit to start up blogs in the past year or something. The best commercials of the day actually happened before kickoff at around 6:15 so I'll count it. It was of course,Chad Johnson's Super Bowl Party for the
NFL Network
. I won't hold a grudge against them even
though they show NFL Films in lieu of Thursday Night Football. The
commercial featured Janet Reno, Jamie Fallon, Reggie Bush and others all
just chilling. I especially enjoyed the NFL Network bearded dude asking
DavidBeckham about playing football in LA. Runner up being the Garmin Map-a-saurus commercial. Ronnie James DiOWNED. K-Fed's commercial
was good even though I don't remember what it was for and that it's
been out for over a week. Also, Coca Cola is blatantly
showing old commercials, even though they're pretty good, they're not
wasting any money. Sounds smart to me.

The losers being Doritos, who managed to describe their chips as a combination of a car accident and having sex with an overweight supermarket cashier. Whatever. Chevrolet also sucked, but who's surprised? After their first commercial a co-worker said, "I can't believe I'd be wishing to hear "Our Country" instead". Also, can
you imagine any straight man buying a Chevy HHR under any circumstances?

Halftime Show: Prince is a pretty divisive character. People either love him or hate him and there's no real in between. Whatever the case, Prince shredded in pouring rain,taboot . I was worried he would drown. He raged with 'Let's Go Crazy', 'Purple Rain', and covered Hendrix and Foo Fighters and did it all while wearing a babushka. Seriously, it looks like he just got done chowing down on borscht in the old country with my great great grandmother. In Soviet Russia, 1999 parties like YOU!


Justin said...

Nobody is giving the Garmin commercial any love

ryan said...

I vote for Oprah and Dave, putting aside their differences, and sharing a lovely Super Sunday. No wonder they won't marry their respective long-time flames--I smell a Moische Barton column!

In other news, Mike Golic on the Mike and Mike show said his favorite ad was the Blockbuster one with the hamsters trying to get online by clicking an actual mouse. All respect for him has been subsequently lost.

Katelyn said...

What about the GM sad robot one? So cute!