Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I Wonder if Mary J Blige Gave Up Drama For Lent

First off, I'd like to thank the countlessable people who wished me a happy Ash Wednesday. For those newer readers, Ash Wednesday is one of my favorite holidays that I don't legitamately celebrate. The reasons being far too numerous to rewrite, and goddamn you WordPress for eating the former blog's archives. I will say this though, is there a greater holiday for collegians than Ash Wednesday? The thought of seeing people I saw doing debaucherous things on Tuesday night wearing an Ash Cross on Wednesday morning makes me smile.

So thanks for the text message Jimmy "Gunshot" Clark, thanks for the IM Dave, and thanks for the verbal acknowledgement of greatness Ryan.

Unfortunately I saw nary an Ash Cross today as I didn't leave the house until Trivia (more on that tomorrow). Sigh.

Back to the topic as titled.

Mary J. Blige has been a constant point of conversation between myself and my roomate Matt over the years. Why? Well, over the years she has constantly been wracking up awards on her 'No More Drama' premise, prompting us to wonder the following;

- What are these so-called episodes of drama?
- Are they the same and Mary has not learned from her mistakes OR is Mary some sort of magnet to drama of which she'd rather have no more of?
- Wait, people care about the Grammys?

Upon further research, Katelyn tells me that Mary has been on Oprah numerous times in which Oprah talks about Mary going through so much, yet never saying what she actually went through.

Thankfully, Matt, Katelyn, and I's confusion is not going unnoticed. This week's Entertainment Weekly had the following blurb entitled, "(Still) No More Drama" and featured snippets of Grammy acceptance speeches over the past 10 years. Hm, sound familiar?

"I didn't love myself.... Mary didn't finish high school and did stuff she had no business doing because she didn't care about herself"

"You fall into abusive relationships when you don't love yourself enough to think you're worthy of anything better."

Happiness is a choice, and I made the choice to love Mary and stop looking in other people for answers that I need about myself."

"It was all about me not loving myself. However you think about yourself is what is going to come to you. That's what I've discovered."

"There was a time when I couldn't love myself enough to love anyone else. But now I'm in love. For Mary J. Blige, that's rare."

So, remember the moral of the story kids, love yourself OR win loads of Grammys.

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Marcia said...

Grammar lesson, Mr. Writer....You cannot say "Matt, Kaelyn, and I's" It is like fingernails on a blackboard to me. Come over for dinner some night and I will help you through this.