Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Rod vs. Henry

For those new readers to the blog, be it Deadspinners, Facebookers, editors-in-chief of the Improper Bostonian, or the elderly who can't figure out how they got here and can't figure out how to get off this page, there's one thing you have to understand about me. I'm a shameless self-promoter. BUT, there is one thing I like to promote more than myself. Chevy Silverados My friends, especially when they've come up with a killer product. My collegiate cohorts Brian, Angel, and Steve have done just that.

Sure, I've endlessly promoted 'We Need Girlfriends' before, but this time it's different. They're become web superstars. A few weeks ago, their latest episode was the #1 featured video on MySpace. It got something like, a zillion (estimate) hits, and so what if 1/4 of the viewers were sexual predators because every time they watched, it's another 7 minutes spent not sending explicit comments to your 17 year old sister. That's heroism.

In addition, the stars of WNG are blowing up. Just this week I was watching My Super Sweet 16 (the one where the fat Italian girl nearly sinks a gondola) when lo and behold I saw WNG's "Henry" in a commercial for Easy Mac! Jousting down a dorm hallway for some microwavable goodness.

In fact, the next episode is entitled "Rod vs. Henry" and while I have no insider insight as to why they're fighting, I like to imagine it's over Easy Mac. And I like to think it looks like this:

And if that all tickles your fancy, check out this a store to buy WNG merch! I am officially starting a contest, right here, today, calling for the best, most unique photo of you/your sister/brother/mother/father/pet/chancellor in a WNG shirt. The prize is TBD, but it'll probably be awesome. So hook it up.

And remember:

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Dave said...

I gotta admit....I felt sorry for these guys at first....then thought them to be a couple of knuckleheads.....but I actually think that press conference was kinda funny.....much more entertaining than 'no comment'. The media was pissed. Boo hoo.