Monday, January 08, 2007

2nd Quarter

14-7 going into 2.

OSU can't do anything defensively aside from roll over. 21-7 Gators, 1 play into the second quarter

A stupid penalty is allowing OSU to get their offense rolling while Ted Ginn is sidelined. UF's cornerbacks are good enough. Factor them only paying attention to Tony Gonzalez, and it's a cakewalk.

21-14. Great run by Antonio Pittman. HUGE score.

Fox is being suprisingly judicious when it comes to commercials, especially for them. I'll have to remember this statement come MLB Playoffs this year, as we're bombarded with promos for the same show that will be cancelled in a week.

Ginn's back. Anything's possible now. Too bad he can't play defense.

Anthony Gonzalez could easily gain instant cred by referring to himself as Tony. I'm glad he doesnt, because he is clearly good enough to be singularly distinguished. Also, who'd want to be associated with a nearly washed up Tight End who does bad Scarface impressions. No one wants to hang around with the dude that does impressions, didn't you see that episode of Undeclared? Well, probably not.

Finally a stop by Ohio State. Great coverage by James Laurinaitis. His Dad is a member of the Legion Of Doom. Whichever one that isn't dead already.

Ted Ginn is apparently stomping his feet on the sideline because he's unable to play. I'm glad a man who is soon to be a multi millionaire has the same reactions as a toddler.

3 and out for OSU. Go Gators. Get 'em Gators. Get up and go (or something like that).

Hey look, Tim Tebow's running up the middle! Are they worried they will ruin his passer rating?

2 bad passes by Chris Leak have UF in a 3rd and 10 on what could be a backbreaking drive.

Now a false start pushes them back again. UF's Kicker is something obscene like 4-13 on Field Goals. This might end in tears.

Shows how much I, and everyone else knows. FG is drilled right down the middle by Hetland. 24-14. A touchdown would've been damaging the way things are going with OSU's offense.

Chris Wells is in right now at RB. Don't know if anything's happened to Pittman. He runs an option for 9 yards.

He's stopped on 4th and 1 on OSU's own 29! Tressel is coaching like he can hit the reset button if he doesn't like what's going on.

Major stand by OSU's defense. Hetland's coming on again. If he misses, Tressel's brain fart goes unpunished.

Of course, Hetland was playing rope-a-dope all season long and nails it. 27-14. Still a huge stop by the Buckeye defense. This is a must score scenario, as the Gators will start half two with the ball.

Smith fumbles and the Gators recover on the 5 yard line. Is this the first instance of the Heisman curse striking in season? At this rate he'll be exonnerated of double murder after the 3rd quarter.

Touchdown Tebow! 34-14. And UF looks really poised to take the double national championship in football and basketball.

Halftime. 34-14 Gators. OSU needs a kick in the ass and Jim Tressel doesn't look like much of a motivator but what do I know?

I'll be back.

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