Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Arcade Fire Setlist from Night 1 on the Mini-Tour

Neon Bible doesn't come out for another month and a half, yet I've been playing it non-stop. According to iTunes this now the 18th time I've listened to the song 'Intervention', which is easily one of the greatest songs to come out in the past 5 years (in fact, it's almost insulting that this post follows one about Fergie, but whatever). I'd love to review the entire CD in a completely hyperbolic manner (ie, "If Jesus reproduced with Beethoven, their offspring would wish they could produce an album as good as The Arcade Fire's 'Neon Bible'), but I'll probably wait until the final master copy comes out in March.

Last night, they kicked off their tour at St. John's, a former church in London, and by all accounts it dominated, as per usual, despite a little tour rusty-ness. This is exciting because I'll be seeing them about 10 shows into their tour, and at an actual church. Here's some enjoyable tidbits I found about the show.

From "The Guardian" (a newspaper, not a superhero, for all of our non-Brit-o-phile friends):
Before he formed the Arcade Fire with his wife Regine Chassagne, Win Butler was studying the Bible. So you'd think he would feel slightly odd about playing in a venue that was once a place of worship. Not a bit. When someone in the crowd tries to hush his chatting neighbours, Butler's reaction is engagingly caustic: "Jesus fucking Christ," he comments with a lopsided grin, "it's not a church."

This particular entry from "NME" (Britain's answer to Rolling Stone)makes me extremely stoked:
Arcade Fire delighted their fans by finishing their first UK show since 2005 by busking outside tonight (January 29).
The Canadian outfit were performing at St John's Church in Westminster, the first of five sold-out London shows taking place this week.
And after apparently finishing their encore, they made their way onto the church steps outside to play an acoustic version of 'Wake Up' from their debut album 'Funeral'.

And here's the setlist:
'Black Mirror'
'Keep the Car Running'
'No Cars Go'
'Black Wave/Bad Vibrations'
'My Body Is A Cage'
'Ocean Of Noise'
'Rebellion (Lies)'
'Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels)'
'The Well And The Lighthouse'
'(Antichrist Television Blues)'
'Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out)'
'Wake Up'


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