Monday, January 22, 2007

VietNow, or VietThisSpring

I have exciting news that you've already heard a million other places.

Rage Against The Machine is reuiniting!

Now, this is big for me, because growing up Rage was my favorite band. Years ago, I surfed the shell of the internet we have now, looking for what every weird political reference meant, bought a bevy of RATM gear, and of course, listened to them non stop.

Their touring schedule always seemed to conflict with something; summer camp, college orientation, not being allowed to go to a Rage/Wu Tang show by myself. (But I did go to my first concert [Presidents Of The United States of America] wearing a Rage shirt).

They broke up in 2000, which seemed to make no sense. One of the most politically charged bands in history, broke up when George W. Bush got elected president. It seemed silly, considering the Bush administration, 9/11, Abu Ghraib, Iraq, and North Korea couldve led to about 8 Box Sets. Instead of that, we got Zack De La Rocha talking about making a solo album for 7 years, and Audioslave tarnishing RATM(and Soundgarden)'s image by sucking so very hard.

Either way, Bush is still in office for another year, and I'm sure the Zapatista rebels have been up to something lately, so they'll have something to rap about.

Remember, they're headlining Coachella Festival (which has a pretty sick lineup, by the way) and hopefully a tour will be on the way. Amen.

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