Monday, January 08, 2007

3rd Quarter

Uneventul halftime.

OSU's band played "My Heart Will Go On", which is funny because their title hopes are sinking like the Titanic (Zing!).

Because I'm getting exhausted, I'll let my girlfriend chime in,
"I was a 13 yr old girl when Titantic came out and i still know it is never ok to play that song. They need to let go of that song much like Kate Winslet let go of Leonardo Dicaprio's frozen dead body".

Great opening stand for Ohio State's defense. They needed that.

Florida's Eric Wilbur tried to intentionally pooch the punt into OSU's gunners, failing miserably. OSU has great field position.

Buckeyes make a meal out of gift field position, gaining a total of -1 yards. They pinned the Gators deep, but does it matter?

Woah, apparently Blockbuster delivers like Netflix now? I haven't been inside a video store in a good 2 years. Tell me when Blockbuster puts movies up for illegal download and I'll be mildly intrigued.

Awesome PA Pass for a 1st down for the Gators. First sustained drive for either team this half.

Ginn's on crutches and in a boot. He won't return. Good to see him trying to pump the crowd up.

Did I say sustained drive? How about a 6 and out. OSU's defense looks alive. Troy Smith has looked terrible tonight, and that's a compliment.

Apparently they had a contest to let someone pick up the tee in the middle of the field after a kickoff. Uh, sweet. I should have a contest to pick someone to sweep my floor.

Another punt for THE Ohio State University.

This drive is looking to be a Buckeye killer. If this were NCAA 07, OSU would be 'Asking Corso', right about now. Only everyone knows you can only 'Ask Corso' on offense. Idiots.

Hey, Pete, who recreationally eats Taco Bell with his attractive, but not threatingly so, friends has a date with Carmen Electra. Oh my god, that's so unlikely!

Fox has only shown one commercial for that movie Primeval, which is about a serial killer alligator or something. Maybe they don't want to seem unfair and unbalanced with the Gators playing tonight and there being no upcoming movies involving the state tree of Ohio?

In the waning seconds of the 3rd quarter, OSU is still running the ball. If the game were 6 quarters, I might agree with this.

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