Thursday, January 04, 2007

Who Wants A Mustache Ride?

Sometimes things just come together in a way better than expected making for a
(insert your own descriptive word) blog post (frankly I'm happy to have
something to write about it general).

Today's coincidences came in three. A mighty triumvirate not seen since Mark, Tom, and Travis.

1. I'm at work, meaning I'll have a lot of time to kill pending no spike in car accidents or fires.
2. The Bruins are on tonight, meaning I'll have perfect fodder for said blog post.
3. I got a fantastic fan tip.

right fan tip. And while I may be using this word
judiciously (I am) and the word fan may have never actually appeared in
this particular piece of correspondence (it didn't), I feel OK using
it. That's because Evan sent along a nice tidbit of info and mentioned
he enjoyed reading. This isnoteworthy because as far as I know, Evan is
not a member of my family or my girlfriend so, pending DNA tests, I
will refer to Evan as my fan.

The info he passed along happened
to involve my second favorite hockey team, the
Boston Bruins District Five Ducks for life!. It was
a link to John Bishop's official Boston Bruins Blog (which I would very
much like to work for sometime, because I too have a propensity for
using big words [see!], and am a huge Bruins apologist). It reads:

Mustache Mania
TheBruins have an important internal contest brewing, or should I say
growing.They are all, for some reason, growing mustaches -- per order
of team unity man Shean Donovan.

No beards, no goatees, no soul-patch. Mustaches.

And despite a few gripes and shaves here and there, everyone is doing it.
SO, there has been a request that I join in -- which I will oblige.
Sorry to my wife, family and friends.

But the second request is where, you, the reader helps out.
Over the next few games, make notes as to which Bruins have the best and
worst lip hair. And continue to pay attention to the guys' faces over
the next week or so, and I will have a poll up to the positive and the
negative before the All-Star break.

So keep it hair

I dig some digging and found out the mustache growing contest will run until January 22nd (and hopefully forever). The contest officially started on December 26th in Columbus, but we won't count that, because no one knew, so consider it started today, January 4th.

Now, I'm a huge proponent
of the 'stash
and I'm making it my duty to give you updates
on the Boston Bruins Mustache Project 2007 (and hopefully forever).

style="font-weight:bold;">Boston Bruins Mustache Project 2007 (and
hopefully forever) Report: 1/4/07 vs Toronto

Day 1 of the BBMP2k7
looked to start off on the right foot (or skate [or discarded bottle of
Burma Shave]). No one was notably different in the infant stages of the
project. Glen Murray and WaynePrimeau probably had the best early on lip growth, Stanislav Chistov
kind of looked liked the gay
in Traffic, and Dave Lewis still looks like he
supports national

The first period was great and featured 1 goal by BBMP2k7 leader Shean Donovan, and
a goal and assist apiece by early on favorite for dirtiest 'stash Wayne Primeau. The B's led 2-1.

Then the shit hit the fan.

At this writing it's 10-2 Maple Leafs with 4 minutes left in the 3rd period. Chistov, who's by no means a tough guy (it must be the 'stash).

Did I say I wanted this thing to last forever?

They better get things corrected before they taint the fine art mustaches worse than Tom Selleck ever dreamed he could.

Anyway, stay tuned.

YouTube Clip Of The Day

This guy could rock a 'stash

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