Sunday, January 07, 2007

Boston Bruins Mustache Project 2007 (And Hopefully Forever) Is Trimmed (get it?)

After I promised to bring you all the relevant info for the BBMP2k7, the Bruins cancel it following a 10-2 drubbing by the Toronto Maple Leafs. It's almost as if the the Bruins inherently understood my work ethic and knew I would be stoked by the development. Not so.

Shaving the 'stashes seemed to have worked, whether it meant no more snickering from the opponents, or making them more aerodynamic, the B's beat the Flyers 4-3 yesterday afternoon. The only person who seemed to be negatively affected by the shave was iron man Zdeno Chara who was out with a "lower body injury". This is a typical designation for a hockey injury, but when you're lower body is about 25' long, it's literal. They have yet to find the injury. They know it's down there, though.

And now, I will continue talking shit to Jets fans.

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Evan said...

I'm glad I could provide inspirtion for at least 2 entries. Sorry to see that "Mustache Mania" ended so quickly. This actually became a some what legitimate story. Many mainstream media outlets including NESN and the Globe reported on it.