Friday, June 15, 2007

Day Off Progress

Over the course of my two days off I managed to play ZERO Guitar Hero. It wasn't as if I was consumed by any other obligations. I squeezed in time to beat a few levels on Super Paper Mario, caught Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 (quick recap: swordfight, double-cross, double-cross, double-cross, weird hallucination, double-cross, swordfight, final double-cross, denoument) and go to the gym.

I really need a Guitar Hero trainer. We're in talks to get Joe Perry, which would be great. By the way, "in talks" means, me, Josh and Kevin are talking like, "Hey, it would be kickass to get Joe Perry as my Guitar Hero trainer". I think Joe Perry has better things to do, though he did appear on the American Idol finale. Who knows?

I feel like Push Push (Lady Lightning) could ruin my social life if I practice as much as I should, but I must soldier on.

1 comment:

s1monn said...

If you'd like, I will train you.

Not only am I a better Guitar Hero player than Joe Perry, but I am also better looking than him as well.