Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Details Of My Awesomeness Have Been Greatly Exaggerated Are Completely Spot On

An awesome shout out must go out to my homie Dan who, despite being a card carrying Philadelphia Flyers fan, was awesome enough to nab me an autographed Vampire Weekend CD in New York City last night. They personalized it to me to avoid it being eBay-ed (despite their poison-Ivy League educations, the suckers have never heard of jeffBay [ka-ching]) and it'll be in my mailbox in some time. I'm stoked.

So stoked, in fact, that I will now pass along this description of the event from Dan's experience at the in-store trendathon.

I actually stood next to this ├╝ber-nerdy music dork (like myself) and his girlfriend in line for an hour or two. They went to Fordham so we chatted about college and music downloads and vinyl and Vampire Weekend and stuff like that.

Sad thing is, Vampire Weekend has seemed to spawn this entirely different hipster creation... it's more of a mix between a Stanford-esque preppy kid (sweater/cardigan tied around shoulders, pink Brooks Brothers shirt, skin-tight jeans, and docksiders) and the 'Death Cab for Cutie'-Lovin' Williamsburg-spawned scum. and all of them were pretty young... but the band really put on a fun show and their music rules so i was able to ignore their emo aids for the most part.

Wow, sounds like Katelyn and I need to hit up a combination of the most expensive thrift store we can find, Urban Outfitters and the Polo Outlet before February 9ths show at the Museum Of Fine Arts (sounds like I should also get a monocle to round things out.) The good news is that I'm pretty sure I can find all those stores in the Natick Collection now.

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