Monday, July 02, 2007

Exciting News On The Bang Camaro Front

Newer blog readers may be confused about what this proposed 'Bang Camaro' deal is all about. Here's the long and the short of it. Actually, it's just the short of it.

A month ago, I challenged Bang Camaro to come back on the FOX25 Morning News to play me in their own song on Guitar Hero 2. They accepted (the video's a few posts down somewhere). To my knowledge, and to anyone's knowledge really, this has never been done before (honestly, I think I'd remember if David Bowie played Ziggy Stardust on a fucking plastic Gibson SG with color coded buttons).

Anyway, I was getting kinda down on the whole thing because the band didn't seem to into it. Their publicist was, and some Boston area newspapers are just waiting for the whole thing to come to fruition, but I couldn't get the band to extrapolate on the thing (aka talk shit to me via the blog). It sort of soured my training, too.

You see, I'm fucking terrible at Push Push (Lady Lightning) on 'Hard'. It's REALLY hard. But I haven't been doing any training because I thought BC wasn't into the thing. Then I got encouraging news.

Bang Camaro was playing a show in Chicago tonight (7/1) and I had some spies attending. The following correspondence was from a buddy of mine at my favorite music dork message board on the intrawebs (that will remain nameless):

good news for you, Jeff!
your Guitar Hero challenge is still on
just got back from Bang Camaro
what a fun show, really enjoyed it
i spoke w/ McClain briefly afterwards
told him i had a question for him, from (you) at FoxNews in Boston
"is 'the Challenge' still on??"
he knew right away what i meant by that, smiled kinda sheepishly and said yes, it's still on
but they've been really busy
he said they're all really bad at that game but he's still looking forward to it
Fucking awesome! Training is back on, fully. I'm sure my girlfriend is enthused at the idea.

Meantime, thanks to everyone for digging through the archives following heads up from team We Need Girlfriends. I got an IM from my former resident Zoe who says, "everyone knows my blog". This is fucking astonishing considering I've neglected it more than wrote in it. Still knowing people read it is as good motivation as any. Well, not as good as knowing that I'm going to dominate Bang Camaro's collective faces off.

I feel like we should make a wager. I win, I'm in the band. They win, they get to work at Fox ........ well I don't have any suggestions. Maybe YOU do.

Leave some comments. Please. I'm lonely.

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