Sunday, October 07, 2007

Farewell Jose Mota

Red Sox fans are expressing nothing but joy as the Sox managed to forget their post-All Star break swoon and dominate the hapless Danza-less Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I, however, feel a twinge of sadness knowing the ALDS MVP will no longer be with us.

Fear not, Manny will remain in left, Papi will still man the DH spot and Beckett is still our ace, but the true MVP will most likely stay put in Anaheim (or is it Los Angeles?!). It is our time to bid adieu to the man with the impeccable mustache, the perfectly symmetrical head, the hypnotizing brown eyes and the accent of questionable origin.

Farewell Jose Mota.

Over the past three games, TBS has brought Jose Mota into the hearts of many and we'll be sad to see him go. I'm still not really sure that I've ever listened to any of his 'sideline' reports. What I do know is that I drunkenly exclaimed in front of my friends that I thought Mota was "Adorable, in a stuffed animal kind of way." A statement that was not only generally accepted, but eclipsed moments later by my girlfriend who stated that she wanted to "adopt him." Once again, no resistance.

The man is a God. Fuck, he even got Manny Ramirez to agree to a post game interview. Is no one immune to Jose Mota's charm? I feel confident that if we only were able to send Jose into hostage negotiations, UN Security Council Meetings and Britney's next court appearance, the world would be a better place.

So, while I'm preparing to learn how to raise a 42 year old Spanish language announcer, check out this fabulous homage to Jose Mota. Brought to you by my nameless music message board compatriot, Soda.

The Ultimate Tribute To Jose Mota.


Katelyn said...

I love Jose Mota!! Look at that face, just makes you want to give him a bath.

Jeff said...

Jose Mota is like a chincilla. he bathes in sawdust and sand.

Mr. Geiler said...

Your girlfriend wants to adopt him? When did you start dating Angelina Jolie?

Jeff said...

Maddox Mota. Has a nice ring to it, Brian.

Anonymous said...

he looks like a south park character