Sunday, February 17, 2008

What's The Point Of Even Seeing Vampire Weekend If You're Not Going To Blog About It?

Katelyn and I continued our uber-hetty Valentine's Day week concert series last Saturday. Amazingly, I got a Saturday off of work and we trekked out to the Museum Of Fine Arts to see Vampire Weekend, the buzziest buzz band in the history of buzz.

I had never seen a concert at the MFA before and it had been described to me as, "Like seeing a concert in a college lecture hall." I suppose that is pretty accurate but Vampire Weekend lead singer Ezra Koenig described it even better saying, "This is like that Fugees video in the movie theater."


We got there early enough to nab 7th row seats (first 4 rows were reserved), and we were actually sitting in front of the opening act's (Sam Rosen) grandparents and family. Though the Sam Buck Rosen band didn't do it for me (great guitar work, little emphasis on melodies), Sam Rosen himself seemed like a good, hilarious dude.

Vampire Weekend took the stage around 9 to the delight of a lecture hall full of hipsters (at least 7 Urban Outfitters must've been robbed due to under staffing that evening.) They were much better musically than I expected. The guitar and drums were particularly awesome. On CD (and on Letterman) they seem kinda simple and sterile, but in a real live music venue they were energetic and rhythmic.

They played every song on their current album (including 'Boston' from the leak) and one new song.

Koenig was hilarious and very good with the crowd, even explaining the confusion about their 'Masschusetts Song Trilogy' (Boston, Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa, Walcott) and how everyone thinks they're from Massachusetts.

They're not, but they love our state and fair port city all the same.

Here are some YouTube snippets I took of Oxford Comma and Walcott.

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