Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Found Whilst Moving...

So I'm moving tomorrow to, errr, home. I really thought that the best way to invigorate my blog would be to become the proverbial blogger in my parent's basement. Actually, I'll be on the first floor, so there's that.

Actually, it's only for a month or two. But still.

Anyway, I've found a bunch of interesting shit while cleaning out my room. I've been here for three years and I'm one of the biggest pack rats you'll ever meet.

So here's something I'll transcribe from a sheet of notebook paper that dates back to Austin City Limits 2007.

Dave Chalvers' Austin City Limits Superlatives

Top 5 Bands

1) Muse - Melted my face off. Again.
2) Ghostland Observatory - 2007' Muse of 2006. Get it?
3) M.I.A. - Not since Bowdoin and Geneva have I heard a better use of gunshots.
4) Damien Rice
5) Bloc Party - The little band that could given the circumstances: extreme heat->dancing

Biggest Disappointments

1) The White Stripes - WTF Jack? (Ed. Note - they cancelled)
2) Ben Kweller - Did not unleash the fury
3) The Killers

Top Surprises

1) That I'm still alive after a 5 day diet of Sonic, Whattaburger, Chuy's, Freebirds and made-to-eat omelettes (Ed. note - Embassy Suites owns)
2) That everything in Texas is, "so tight, y'all"
3) That J.K. Rowling sent emissaries to ACL: Kara Grainger, Grace Potter. Where was Johnny Weasley and the Leggy Blondes?

Favorite Moments

1) The insanity that was the front row for Muse
2) The Ghostland Observatory acid trip w/out acid.
3) The overwhelming feeling that I have so much downloading/purchasing to do. Plan accordingly, Ben Lee

Favorite Fan Related Thing

"The chi chi monsters." (Ed. Note - On our cab to the hotel our cabbie told us about the bike path along the lake that was a good path to Zilker Park. He also mentioned that it was great to look at "the chi chi monsters". Wasn't sure if he was referring to lizards or college co-eds. Still not sure. Whither Chalvers?)

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