Friday, August 01, 2008

A Big Weekend For Canadian-American Relations

As most some none one of you know, I keep a running list of 'Favorite Canadians'. I don't know why I have to keep a running tab on our neighbors to the North, but I do.

Right now Milan Lucic is in the top spot, and only a brutal sophomore slump could knock him out.

Behind him, the collective consciousness of Arcade Fire. Spencer Krug of Wolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown is in the top 3, but here's where it gets dicey.

Friday Jason Bay is making his debut of the member of the Red Sox. Bay, of course, is from British Columbia.

Saturday, I go to see Wolf Parade.

The list is currently in flux, and usually not as populated until fall and winter (for obvious reasons). Could it change based on impending events? This is an important weekend.

I'm sure Zach Schiff will be playing close attention.


NYR Zach said...

Anxiously awaiting part 2 of this list, although I'm sure Jason Bay will be a part of it after his performance this weekend.

Was Pam Anderson ever on the list?

steve s said...

dave bingham, resident extrordinaire?