Saturday, August 09, 2008

My Favorite Canadians List - Post Krug/Bay Weekend

After the events of last weekend I've finally been able to rework my list of Favorite Canadians. Jason Bay's scorching Red Sox debut helped his cause but not as much as Wolf Parade's killer set helped Spencer Krug. Also factoring, my first viewing of the trailer for "Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist" and falling asleep to Arrested Development DVD's every night for the past 2 years.

1. Milan Lucic - I wouldn't be a true fan of Boston hockey if I didn't love the play of Milan Lucic. He plays hard, kicks peoples' asses, and seems like a pretty funny dude. It also helps to picture Ike Brovlovski saying, "Yay, Milan!" after he scores goals.

2. The Collective Consciousness Of the Arcade Fire - Sure they're from all over, but collectively they are an entirely Canadian band. Like indie-rock Voltron. Or not. I love them.

3. Michael Cera - Not really sure where to begin, or if I even have to explain myself. Arrested Development. Clark and Michael. Superbad. Juno. Whatever he's in, it rules.

4. Spencer Krug - The Wolf Parade show on Saturday was fucking awesome in part due to the awesome vocal stylings of Krug. The guy's a force and I immediately bought Sunset Rubdown tickets for September after the show (that's Krug's other band.) I also had a fanboy run-in moment with Krug at the Paradise Rock Club before the show. I was alone near the merch tent in the front hallway and Krug came walking out to look outside, he then turned out and walked back down the long hallway towards me. The entire time I was thinking of what I would say to him (Went from, "Hey Spencer"->"Have a good show"->"Hey"->:knowing head nod pending eye contact:) Naturally, no eye contact was made, and I just stood against the wall, flustered. I'll rectify this at the Middle East next month, where acts just walk around all the time. Plus, I'm pretty sure my girlfriend wants to hug him.

5. Will Arnett - Come on!

Honorable Mention: Jason Bay, Marc Savard, Tim Riggins

Civilian Canucks were not included in this poll.

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