Monday, April 13, 2009

Track The Beard

OK, so I posted yesterday how I'm growing a playoff beard for charity and that part of the whole deal was out of superstition. Well, you can't grow a playoff beard that starts before the plaoyffs. That's playoff beard blasphemy. So, after I got home from work yesterday and the Bruins played their last game of the regular season (6-2 throttling of the Islanders) I shaved off what I had been working with.

Yesterday I looked like this:

At the midpoint of the shaving process I looked like this:

And now I am completely shorn. Here's Day 1 of the Playoff Beard progress. Hope my girlfriend still likes me:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

LMAO, this is too funny. Good luck! I tried to pledge some money for the cause but kept getting an error screen. Will try again tomorrow.