Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Told Ya So

The Fenway Phish show is on, as evidenced by this totally awesome video on the splash page that I've watched 100 times.

I was told that the announcement would go down after all of the Summer Tour tickets went on sale, and that's exactly what happened. Toyota Park went on sale Saturday, Phish @ Fenway announced on Monday.

I'm assuming they were going to play that video at Fenway, but the game was rained out.

I was supposed to be there, but the rainout wreaked havoc on my plans. Or, changed the plans. Ended up heading to Pour House and Bleacher Bar with the Daves and others.

So yea, IT'S ON. Like I said.

Phish at Fenway. The only Fenway show I ever wanted to happen when they started doing them in 2003.

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