Saturday, September 29, 2007

Holy Shit. I Think I Forgot I Had A Blog

Seriously. What the fuck. No one even yells at me for being lazy anymore. C'mon people.

I was reminded I had a blog because Steve of 'We Need Girlfriends' fame commented on a post. That caused me to look at my post list and, man, I'm an ass. It's not like there's been a lack of interesting shit going on.

First, the last (ever?) episode of We Need Girlfriends came out two weeks ago. Watch it here.

Next, I went to ACL Fest two weeks ago, with a press pass, got VIP treatment all weekend, and interviewed a slew of cool people. How the fuck have I not blogged about this? Well, technically I DID blog about it on the FOX site. But it would be better "If I Did It" (copyright OJ) on this blog because I can swear on it.

So, read those blogs here and just intersperse the words "fuck" and "shit" where you feel it belongs.

Third, Bang Camaro challenge is ON in 2 weeks. Plus, they changed the challenge on me! I may be playing Bang Camaro on their own song on a brand new, incredibly hyped video game that hasn't even come out yet. Wink. Wink.

So, thank you Steven Tsapelas. You've done a great service to my blog.

1 comment:

Steven said...

fuck yea!

fuck oj!