Saturday, September 01, 2007

Novelty T-shirt Of The Week.

In the wake of last week's heart shattering realization that I own the same clothes as Zac Efron (even more heart shattering, knowing who Zac Efron is) I've decided to confess one thing. I love cheeky novelty t shirts.

A lot look like shit, but there's a wide variety of good ones you can find.

I pledge to bring my personal favorites to this space every week. I'm sure it'll be a huge honor, especially when I forget about my pledge in 3 weeks.

This week's edition comes from the fine folks at Vintage Vantage who's softness of shirt I can attest to. If they'd like to send me this one for free, I'd be happy to wear it. XL please. your shirts are small.

I'll also take reader submissions for highlarious tshirts spotted on the streets or around the intrawabs.

Anyway, I'm going to Austin City Limits Music Festival and that's always a haven of hilarity. My friend Davis even found his twin:

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