Friday, June 13, 2008

Hilarious Facebook Update From The Band Foals After Their World Tour

summer seasons greetings

hope everyone's well.

I thought this would be a good time to write to everyone. Now, today as the lustre of our ill acquired fame fades to a colonic grey and the busty, botoxed fairweather friends we made find the next hipper-than-hip band to hang and bang with i thought:..... yesss why not connect? why not indeed spread spores of love and misinformation to the world? the lattice, the earth, the people in it..Here Ya Go! Can You Hear Me?? it's getting quiet.....sssshhhhhhh....

in our time of R+R ( read roofies + rum):

Walter has been watching stuff on youtube, getting a "to the bone haircut" which makes him look like a charming pimple and putting in the hours in his nest.

Jimmy after a brief time stoking the fire of the rising gangland troubles in Wooton, returned to his watering hole of Oxford and got promptly trashed after making himself a pseudo medicine shoe from a flipflop and some ageing bottom-of-the-bag type masking tape. He's now in Cologne.

Edwin, who's basically not stopped touring due to his fast rising star as the band's only willing DJ, is probably exhausted. It was his birthday too; so wish him well. He also had to endure the hell that is Ibiza..again we applaud yr courage Colonel Congreave.

Jack, who i saw the day we got back home, has been buying DVD's he doesn't really want, soireeing at anniversaries and weddings like a lovely redhaired rooster and is probably RIGHT NOW destroying cambridge while worrying about his callouses. word.

Me...i'm in Greece. i flew here on Olympic Airways (tsh!) where the service still sucked and listened to my Grandma tell the same stories she has told for the past aeon while her peacocks ran around fucking each other. no joke. she has peacocks. and its mating season. i wish you could all, every single one of you, be here. with. me.

Anyway enough self-worship, here's some more, in the form of WORLD TOUR PRO'S + CONS ( brought to you by NTV + Tepsi Cola.....a better, greener way to subvert yoof kulchur..with added neon for the modern era.)

+ simple. The fact we got to play our songs all over the world ( with some exceptions which will be rectified on upcoming world tours)

- the jaded, soul crushing effect this can and does have to everyone who experiences the aforesaid euphoria. boo hoo.

+ deal with it.

- no need to mention bad cuisine.

+ Japan. our first time. the shows, the people, the vintage keyboards. each and every one amazing!!! thankYOU.

- watching Edwin get lured by Middnight Juggernaut's tour manager into some pleasurably macho mano a mano eating games involving ( Scroll Down Now Vegeterians): raw horse. squid intestine. & eel intestines.

+ Edwin's totally unfazed facial expression whilst doing so.

- shame the same can't be said for the following facial expressions:

: Jimmy, when he fractured his foot and woke in the shower getting scalded by burning water.

: Walter when we buzzcutted his hair.

: Jack, anytime anyone mentioned his death and/or food poisoning.

: My face probably around the 18th time one of our things broke on tour.

+ Anyway...the West Coast USA bit of the tour was great. we got to drive around in a porsche, breathe in the forests of Oregon, destroy $1000 worth of stuff at Neumo's in seattle and go to the beach!!! what do they say again.."Off the Richter??" yeah that's it.

- the amount of different types of change which we were carrying around by the end.

+ the completion of the Red Socks Pugie video by David Charles Wai Koi Ma viewable here:

- when all the David Cross satnd-up had run out....BOO.

+ leading us to listen to these great records :

Third - Portishead

Person Pitch - Panda Bear

Best Of...- The Ventures

21 - Mystery Jets

Sensuous - Cornelius

Harlem's Finest - Big L (archives)

anything by Holy Fuck, Wild Beasts and No Age.

- not having time to learn or write anything new really. come on Men In Suits! let us let us let us pretty pleeeease. it is " WHAT WE SIGNED UP FOR" after all

+ the fact we will be writing a new glossier more hook laden record some time soon.

So anyway i feel harrowed by this whole writing experience and am going to go eat some souvlaki. Keep an eye out for the following sideprojects:

Jimmy + Walty = Infinity Penis

Me + Andrew Mears = Bins Are For Bombs

Edwin + Jack = Boring Room. heh heh. heh

We hope yr all well and rested and hopefully see you at the summer. Red Socks Pugie is out. whatever you've already heard it. though the b sides are good and new.

BIG LOVE from the island with guns and goats

Yannis b. e. Philippakis


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