Sunday, June 08, 2008

If You Noticed Something Different About This Blog...

... Go outside, nerd.

But yea, you may notice that there is now a silver/gray/whatever box on the righthand column that has a bunch of links. Basically, I hooked up my Google Reader account to this here blog and when I "share" anything I deem interesting it pops up right there.

Essentially, this serves two purposes.

1)It'll allow me to "post" new, cool things on my blog without having to actually create a post (I'm lazy).
2)It (might) stop me from incessantly sending my girlfriend links via AIM.

So, there's that. You'll notice a link from Deadspin on there (RIP GINO!), some good news about the new Girl Talk album (I'm as cheap as I am lazy) amongst other stuff.

I'm tempted to add my blog to my Google Reader than share my posts and blow your collective minds off. Actually, that will require me to post more. Nevermind.

ok bye.

1 comment:

Katelyn said...

Yes! The link box is glorious!