Monday, November 10, 2008

Bruins Blog Project Game 4: 11/8/08 vs. Buffalo Sabres

Final Score: Bruins 3 Buffalo 1
Attended With: Katelyn

Pregame: Part of the reason this blog is a bit late, is that I noticed a sizable crack in my windshield on my way home from work to pick Katelyn up and I've been kinda dealing with that. I did what any New Englander would do if they noticed their windshield busted and called 1-800-54-GIANT. It was done fast, and hopefully done right. I digress...

Windshields notwithstanding, we were off to a good start to gameday. We headed down to the T around 5:30, and as we were crossing Hancock Street, a guy in a white van rolled down his window to say something to us. Unfortunately, he did not offer us candy, but he did ask us if we were going to the Bruins game (I think my jersey and Katelyn's shirt gave it away), then he asked who they were playing and heard they were doing well. It was pretty neat albeit weird. Less than a month ago I was getting dirty stares for wearing a B's jersey, now creeps in vans were stopping me to talk B's. I don't know where this will lead...

My brother's favorite street performer was jamming at the Downtown Crossing Orange Line station, I actually left him a message of her playing, and saw that she's selling CD's. I memorized her name for about 5 minutes (Beth something? Maybe?) for the purposes of further mockery, but I ended up forgetting it. I like beer better than blogging.

Hurricane's for a beer prior to the B's, and to watch Penn State choke away their title hopes.

Inside the Garden was mobbed. For whatever reason, Buffalo fans always crowd the Garden whenever the Bruins play. They were all wearing their horrid Sabres jerseys and singing their stupid "Let's Go Buffalo" chants. I had a bad feeling about these asshole taunting us after a Sabres win. Honestly, looking at everyone and mentally thinking "Scott Norwood" really helped.
As the Sabres were announced and all of the upstaters began to cheer I yelled out, "Get a real city!" I have no fucking idea what it meant, but it made me feel better.

Also had a minor news scoop pre-game. Riding up the escalator, I saw a dude wearing the new Bruins third jersey. For most people, this means nothing, but I'm a huge uniform geek, and it was imperative that I talk to this man. You see, the B's have only "unofficially" unveiled the jersey at the State Of The Bruins event, and it won't be on sale until the end of the month. I snapped a quick pic of the dude, and ran into him a few minutes later. Apparently his brother works for Reebok and was somehow able to buy two jerseys early. Very nice guy, and very stoked about the new 3rd.

I was actually excited about the 3rd jersey, too, which is weird, because I don't like it. In my opinion, it's boring, uninspired and totally devoid of the classic nature that make their primary jerseys tops in the league. Here are some images of the jersey. I love the primary logo, but that's as far as it goes. All black uniforms look pretty stupid, not "badass", would've loved to see a yellow third, or at least some more color involved in this one.


The Game: Great game and a huge one. A Bruins win, coupled with a Habs loss would mean the Bruins would be in first place. The Sabres got on the board first, much to the delight of their strong fanbase in the house. Dennis Wideman answered back a few minutes later and the Bruins never looked back, scoring two more times to make win it 3-1.

The crowd was great, it was a playoff atmosphere for 3 periods again. This is very encouraging for a team that's pretty much ignored by the mainstream media. Much like the "Tuuuuuur-cooooooo" chants from last week, the "Millllllllerrrrrrrrrrrr" chants overtook the house (even when the B's were down 1-0, which was weird.)

Milan "Moses" Lucic was all over the place, hitting everyone (8 hits) and no one would go with him. Kinda weird, considering Buffalo has 3-4 heavyweights on their roster. Of all people, Maxim Afinogenov nearly got into a few scraps, which is ridiculous. He's a finesse forward and he's a Russian. Pretty sure the last Russian to get in a fight was Ivan Drago.

Oh, the inside joke has officially been completed and Katelyn is now the proud owner of a foam Bearclaw. It's parts ridiculous and awesome.

Another post-script to the game action... It was military night and there were many classy tributes to our Armed Services. Aaron Ward even spent $15,000 of his own money to buy 300 seats for servicemen and women. Great move by him. It got a little dusty in their at times.

Post Game: Looked to mix it up a bit, but Fanueil Hall was a clusterfuck. Ended up walking to South Station and headed home, not before drunk dialing and texting several people to let them know about the 1st place Boston Bruins!

(Sorry, for lack of pics and no video. Camera was running on battery fumes. Yea, I suck.)

Bruins Blog Project 1st Star: Chuck Kobasew. Poor bad luck, Chuck. Last year he broke his tibia thanks to a Zdeno Chara slapshot, this year, he breaks his foot in the 1st game of the year. In his first game back, he picked up a goal and an assist, and played gritty all night.

Bruins Blog Project Last Star: The city of Buffalo. Sabres and Bills all falling to local teams in big games this weekend. Ouch.


JoshS said...

Love the Bear claw and actually dig the new Third jersey...Buffalo sucks pretty hard.

What's hockey?

Charlie @ Sabres Not said...

I think the Boston third jersey prototypes that leaked out several months ago had more promise that the new third they actually finalized. Too bad, you primary jerseys are fantastic though!

Enough objectivity for now. Boston eats a bag of dicks.

Jeff said...

I was sad to see that out of all the Buffalo fans, and there were ALOT, most had the Buffaslug

Doobie said...

I gotta ask...where did you find the Bruins bear claw? I live in jersey and can't find them online!

Doob from the (poorly updated)

Jeff said...

Doobie, I've only seen them sold at the Bruins Pro Shop and various Fan Zones around the Garden.