Saturday, November 08, 2008

Woah, When's This Book Coming Out?

I found this randomly today, and it's right by my old neighborhood. Esposito's Gym is the shitty little gym I had a membership to and DePasquale's is literally across the street from my old apartment on Clinton Street. Best subs ever, if you don't mind having your food prepared for you by a member of the Mafia. Does this guy need excerpts from the old House Blog to see what went down in that area? I'd like to consult.

Writer, setting book in Nonantum/Newton seeks your input


Hi - I'm revising a novel that takes place in Newton primarily. My Main character is going to live in Nonantum, where I lived for 4 years after attending BC. CAn you offer any recent happenings there? Do they still paint Adams Street red white and green? Is that for Columbus Day? Is DePasquales still there? What restaurants are on the corner of Watertown street now? Is Esposito's still there? This novel is currently with an agent in NY - its really happening. I just need to make some changes. So, any Nonantum thoughts you can offer? I'd love to hear them! Thanks.


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Paul RN said...

Should be a great book, hopefully they include that shady "soccer club - members only" building on Adams St.