Wednesday, March 18, 2009

According to Google, I am an Expert in all things "Phish + Fenway"

Ask me anything you need to know, phriends.

Sample Q & A:

Q - Will this show happen?
A - Maybe

Q - What's the holdup with the announcement?
A - Didn't want to steal the thunder of Summer Tour '09. It's not happening and this is all made up.

Q - What could go wrong?
A - A lot... Phish fans are the worst (and I'm one of them) and they could trash Fenway, destroy the neighborhood, leave babies in the dugout, dose Terry Francona's chewing tobacco in addition to no less than 12 other devious acts that would cause Red Sox team members to fail P.E.D. tests.

Q - What could go right?
A - Phish at fucking FENWAY PARK! That's insane. They are a band that would understand the magnitude of the situation and run with it. Yes, they are from Vermont, but Boston is their home city. Plus it would allow everyone seeing DMB that same weekend to enjoy a real band.

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