Friday, December 08, 2006

I Think Chuck Klosterman Might Hate Me And I Don't Know Why

Chuck Klosterman hates me.

This is sad news, for sure, because I opposite of hate Chuck Klosterman.

Chuck Klosterman is one of the best, funniest, and most brilliant writers today. For the most part he is a genius, but can oftentimes come off a bit pretentious. Big deal. I love him.

Now, Chuck Klosterman doesn't know me, but I'm sure we'd get along famously. Aside from being a decade apart in age I feel that our similarities outweigh our differences.

We both love music. Sure, Chuck's tastes and general knowledge go far deeper than I. I mean, we both love Radiohead, but Chuck went on to compare the album Kid A, to a complete soundtrack to the 24 hours that were 9/11/01. I, on the other hand, have only gone as far as stating, "Paranoid Android has the best bassline of all time".

Well, we could possibly wax poetic on sports. But once again, whereas Chuck has written many genius essays on ESPN and in his books, I've just written this sign.

Pop culture-wise, well, he's got several books under his belt and I've only come up with the thesis that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles singlehandedly submarined the anchovy industry (which I hope to one day extrapolate).

In any case, I think Mr. Klosterman and I would be fast friends. His vocabulary may be far superior to mine, he may still smoke more pot than I did during my sophomore year of college combined, and he may hate bloggers, but that's OK.

Yup, Chuck hates bloggers.

Apparently he feels that getting things published for people to see, and influencing the way people think without doing the proper research is wrong.

Or at least that's what my girlfriend told me on the phone...

Fuck. Maybe he was right.


Katelyn said...

Oh c'mon search the web for every snippet of info on the almighty klosterman, you're a blogger, its what you do. Don't attribute all your info to our regular 2 am chats during which you may or may not have been sleeping while I was speaking.

Chaves said...

Plus, did you notice that once in a while, he'll write "But ANYWAY..." and not "But ANWAYS..."

I think Klosterman might hate you because, despite being a so-called American for 24 years, you have yet to conquer the English language.