Saturday, December 16, 2006

What Deadspin Can Do For You

The kind folk at Deadspin have been awesome enough to link to this blog on three occasions. It's definitely a cool thing as they were in the running for Sports Blog of the Year and are a generally fucking awesome site that I highly recommend you sports junkies check out.

Just to get a grasp on how big their readership is (and how miniscule mine is) check this out.

On the 13th I added a visitor tracker to my site that also showed a graphic map. The first day I had 61 views, mostly in Massachusetts and New York (basically, me, my Mom, and my girlfriend refreshing over and over again).

Today, I checked the map after yesterday's linkage and saw this (click for a bigger view):

So, thanks to the kind fellows over at Deadspin for appreciating my sports related musings, and thanks to whomever keeps them abreast of my bloggage.

Check their site out, you won't be disappointed.

YouTube Clip Of The Day

Thanks, Davis Shaw

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