Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My Car Is A Time Machine

I have some amazing news to share.

My car, happens to be a time warp.

Sure, sure, get out all the Delorean and Flux Capacitors while you can, but I'm being fucking serious.

Everytime I get into my car, no matter the time of day, it is one hour into the future!

Right now I'm still contemplating what to do with my new found power, just like the Asian dude from "Heroes". Save the cheerleader, save the world, ya know?

So what is it like in the future? Remarkably similar, to be honest. So much so, that when I get out of my car, not much has changed. You'd be surprised at how little the world differs just one hour from whenever I get in my Accord.

Sorry, for being completely vague but the power is still new to me. I guess some background information is in order.

It all happened sometime on October 29. That day I had to work at 3:00, so I left my house when my cell phone said it was 2:30, but when I got in my car it said it was 3:30. Originally nervous that I was going to be late, I arrived at work, got out, and I'll be damned, it was 2:50. Holy shit?! It was if some ripple in the space time continuum had appeared on the driver's side door of my Honda Accord.

As Spiderman's Uncle said, "With great power, comes great responsibility", and I now know what he means. This awesome ability can tempt the fates. Think of how much is possible one hour later. I could turn on sports radio and find out what the score of the Patriots game is in the late 2nd quarter, make an educated guess on the outcome of the game, step out of the car in the present, and place a bet.

Or maybe, if I put my car in reverse, I can go back an hour.

The possibilities are endless.

Well, something tells me they might end in March.

YouTube Clip Of The Day

This comes from Jay, and it's so fucking uncomfortable, you kind of can't watch. I only wish Dwight K schrute was playing rhythm.

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:::strokes ego::

loved it jeff. check the volt meter coming off the alternator btw, should be a good indicator