Saturday, November 11, 2006

This Clearly Needs A Better Title

There is a Facebook group dedicated to this blog that has more than 70 members. That's pretty cool, I guess, but maybe not, because it seems most everyone hates Facebook. One of the more common groups among my group, is the Students Against Facebook, which has a whopping 500,000 members. nationwide.

To explain the hatred of Facebook, you have to start from the beginning.

Hofstra was one of the first schools to get hooked up to the Facebook network, way back in the spring of 2004. The original model was pretty simple. It was just for college students, you had your in-school friends and your out of school friends, you could write on people's walls and start groups. Ostensibly, it had the same basic premise as it does today: show off drunken pictures of yourself so your high school friends think you got cool in college Social Networking.

Then the shit hit the fan.

After some minor tweaks like opening up Facebook to high schools, geographic regions, and workplaces, they decided to go big time. Enter, the News Feed, which made everything you did open to the public. It was a wild time, and I've never seen people so angry. It showcased some embarassing moments for people

It ranged from the humbling:
"John Doe is now single"
To the shady:
"Jane Doe wrote on John Doe's Wall, 'I saw you're newly single. Sucks. NEways, we should get together sometime'"
To the scandalous:
"John Doe is now listed as in a relationship with: Jane Doe"
To the completely and utterly embarassing:
"John Doe added 'Mind Of Mencia' to list of favorite TV shows"
Facebook quickly learned from their mistake and added privacy controls and cooled off some steam that was building against them, putting off a potential internet coup d'etat.

See, I didn't really give a shit one way or another (aside from changing my status to, "Jeff is: Stalking People Like Fucking Crazy", as a joke). The reason, being, that I hated Facebook already. The impetus for the hatred being something I mentioned in paragraph 3. (You can scroll up and guess, or I'll just tell you now).

Facebook hit it's stride in the spring of 2004, which is when I graduated college. Reading Facebook post graduation is akin to torture. Not for the same reasons as Myspace (annoying bulletins sent out by people who apparently think that everyone who unfortunately clicked "Add " cares about the everyday mundane minutae of their existence), but for the jealousy.

Being out of college, and reading Facebook, especially since the advent of the News Feed, is like looking into a window on a place yo used to know and love and can never get back to. It sucks.

So, kids in Facebook land, be happy you get the chance to change your status to, "Binge Drinking All Weekend", because chances are, when I'm reading that, I'm at a staff meeting.


I broke Guitar Hero 2 last night.

I was drunk and playing Killing In The Name while my friends and I were pregaming.

I turned around during one part to do some no-look rocking out and in the midst of an epic power chord I pulled the wires, the PS2 came flying, the game came flying out and it got scratched.

I'm definitely exchanging it at Best Buy. Don't tell on me, please.

YouTube Clip Of The Day

I was in Marching Band in 8th grade and I fucking hated it. Maybe I would've liked it if we played Radiohead! This kicks ass. Airbag->Paranoid Android, The National Anthem.


Anonymous said...

sweet blog d00d

Anonymous said...

Every time I think I am words away from being mentioned in your blog, you bust out 'my friends.' What the fuck?!

My name is DAVID CHAVES and I was the one playing bass when he broke the game. I want some name dropping in this blog. I want credit for the awesome contributions I have made in your life (such as being witness to your game breaking incident).

P.S. Anthony Catone told me tonight that he almost pissed reading your K of C blog.

P.P.S. I'm drunk right now.

P.P.P.S I want you.

Matthew said...

Try returning it to Best Buy, if they don't let you, I might be able to fix the disc.

I was able to get to the point where I could rock "Them Bones" to the tune of 150K+ on hard yesterday, so there might be hope.

steve said...

thanks for the invite...
that could have been me playing bass.... which in turn would have distracted you so much,
of tune bass while you broke guitar hero 2...

steve said...

somehow my last comment published before i was done writing...
leaving it to make even less sense than i normally do...
but again, thanks for the invite...
that could have been me playing bass.... my lack of skill would have distracted you so much, you wouldn't have been jerking around and the game would still be intact...
again, thanks for the invite...
thanks a lot...