Saturday, October 07, 2006

How I Learned To Stop Living And Love Beirut; Or, BeerPong Saved Me

Every college student seems to have the same principles in life. While parents hope that is to get increasingly higher grades whilst garnering scholarships, students are just trying to cram as much alcohol down their throats as humanly possible.

This is universal.

What is not, is how it happens. Everyone has their rules. Your friends from UMass drink whatever is put for them as fast as possible, whereas your friends from Syracuse drink, but complain about it every step of the way. You cannot win, but you always win.

And this brings me to my braggadocious claim of the eve of running the beer pong tourney. You see, Jon Singer and I were teamed up (as we were both wearing Bruins jerseys in honor of their season opener[Loss 8-3!] and needed to team up) Our team, the "Big Bad Bruins", clearly dominated the night's activity.

But here's what I don't get. There needs to be a standardized way of playing Beer Pong/Beirut. I mean, there isn't even a generally accepted name (it's Beer Pong, commie) All these bullshit "house rules" need to go. And I am calling upon the leaders of the free world to adress the situation. Sure, Barry Bonds may be hitting a baseball with chemical enhancements, but some poor Communications major is throwing a ping pong ball towards a group of Solo cups and he doesn't know what it means!!

And if you think this blog was just a drunken way at bragging about how I won at Beer Pong tonight, you're right!

YouTube Clip Of The Day:

What if George Lucas directed the Lord of The Rings?

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