Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Learning How To Walk Again

Every now and again we all face hardhips in our life. Sometimes a constant in your life changes, leaving you in the dark. Something like this can leave you reeling, dizzy and afraid. Hiding is a lot easier than bouncing back and becoming the person you used to be, but I implore you reader(s?) to not take the easy way out.

Rehab yourself, and get your life back. We miss you being you, and frankly, being a shadow of your fomer self is not cutting it. Before you get all offended and wonder where I get off pushing this rhetoric down your throats, just know this:

I'm going through the same thing, friend.

Today, we switched cable companies and the channel lineup that I have grown accustomed to for well over 15 years has changed completely. Today ended the era of tyrant Comcast and ushered in RCN. Cheaper, faster, mind-numbingly different channel guide.

Things aren't even close. ESPNHD went from 849->166. Fox 25 has gone from 13->6. MTV from 28->45. And as for Comedy Central, well, I don't know if I'll ever find it.

You must understand, I was flawless when it comes to wielding a remote. I probably haven't even looked at the remote or even thought about the channel number in 6-7 years. I was that good. And now it's a whole new ballgame.

But am I going to sit here and complain about how my life is so hard now that my channels have changed? Fuck no. I'm going to be proactive...... and sit on my ass for the next 4 days, watching TV and learning the new channels.


Speaking of my obsession for TV, including MTV, most notably "Two-A-Days" (which my girlfriend steadfastly refuses to watch), I found this little tidbit today.

Despite frequent references to college football by head coach Rush Propst, safety Max Lerner was the only graduating senior cast member to earn a Division I scholarship. Max accepted an offer to play football at Division I-AA Furman University. Another non-featured senior player Cornelius Williams accepted an offer to play at Division I-A Troy University. Cast member Dwarn "Repete" Smith walked on at Auburn University in the fall of 2006. He quit the team but later declared his intentions to walk on again in 2007. Cast member Alex Binder accepted a baseball scholarship to Bevill State Community College in Sumilton, Alabama, however, Alex was arrested and charged with breaking and entering into a motor vehicle the summer after his graduation. Junior quarterback Ross Wilson, who is now playing his senior season, has declared his intent to play college baseball rather than football at the University Of Alabama.
Awesome! I wonder if it was Kristen's? Or Coach Bud Kilmer's Rush Propst's?
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