Thursday, October 05, 2006

Recapping A Great Night In Television History

The title of this post is a bit ostentatious, but everywhere I went, people were hyping up today as a great day in television. MLB Playoffs, Lost, South Park, NHL Opening Night (OK, I was the only one talking that one up). Of course last night also coincided with the debut of our third (!) Comcast HD box because the last two had faulty DVRs. This one's DVR works fine, it just won't show tv in HD. Awesome. On with the recap:

MLB Playoffs:

Try as I might I couldn't find the Red Sox game anywhere. It was then I realized that they were probably on the Golf Channel after their management completely sabotaged this season. No, I'm not bitter.

Lost's big third season premiere was all anyone would talk about. Unfortunately, my girlfriend has refused to allow me to comment editorially on Lost because I am a "fake Lost fan who didn't even watch the second season and shouldn't even be talking about it". Whatever. I heard the second season sucked anyways.

As for the premeire, the opening was mind-blowingly badass with alot of head scratching and the following 50 minutes were taken up by lame Jack and his babbling brook of emotions. Yawn.

NHL Opening Night:

Two fantastic games going down to OT. The Buffalo Sabres, unveiled their new Slug/Hairpiece logo for theirShootout win against the Hartford Whalers Carolina Hurricanes:

And then the Dallas Stars made a furious comeback to beat the Avalanche in Overtime. All this happening on the newly minted "Versus" network. Versus is acaully the former Outdoor Life Network. I guess they finally realized that people weren't tuning their television dial (if anyone still does that) to the Outdoor Life Network to get their hockey fix. It took me one full season (plus playoffs) to remember what channel it is (65).

South Park:

South Park's 'Second Part of Season 10's Run Premiere' (or as the marketing gurus at Comedy Central wisely decided to call it, Season 10 Premiere) was the clear winner of the night. Still the only highly produced show to tackle modern issues on a regular basis (along with the Daily Show).

In this episode, the boys take on the popular game World of Warcraft, which is so highly addictive that your's truly played for one week in 2000 and started dreaming about it (and that was before it got crazily interactive). If you missed it you can catch it on any of Comedy Central's million repeats.

YouTube Clip of the Day:

In honor of the South Park episode, here is a clip of one of the greatest WoW moments in recorded history. Short backstory: A group of players holds a virtual funeral for a player that died in real life. Knowing there would be tons of unarmed people there, a group of assholes (modern day heros) storms the funeral and kills everyone. Awesome.

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That's funny as hell. Yes, they are modern day heroes.