Friday, October 27, 2006

Much Like A Term Paper, This Post Will Be Written In Courier New to Appear Longer

Sorry for the inane rambling of last night's post. After the "Beer Pong" post I promised to drink and blog no longer. I'm working with some developers to produce something that will only allow me to access my Blogger account if I pass a breathalyzer test. I'd like to do the same for AOL Instant Messenger and my cell phone, market it, and make millions.

Anyways, I paid dearly for my drinking, as I lay in bed at 7:30am, unable to fall asleep due to my pounding headache, hating my life. That's what you get when you go to a hockey game with a Canadian. We played a new and unique style of drinking game. Instead of drinking everytime the scoreboard would show the "Make Some Noise!" graphic we took a drink everytime the jumbotron showed some sort of athletic moment. Good times.

The ending made it worse. Losing with 1.2 seconds left on the clock to your most hated rivals sucks. People started throwing shit on the ice, fed up with the game AND the referees. In my drunken haze, I halfheartedly decided to join in, weakly tossing a plastic cup. It barely made it off the balcony, let alone getting near the ice. A security guard shook her head at me, not disapproving of my actions, but embarassed by my weak effort.

The North Korea situation has been freaking me out for awhile. I thought in March '03 we would've been better suited going after them rather than Iraq. When in doubt, I always say, try and stop the country who's missiles can actually hit you.

It's just gotten worse in the past two weeks. Kim Jong Il is so batshit insane, that if Hans Blix wound up being fed to sharks I wouldn't be surprised. In fact, one of my friends brings his copy of Team America:World Police just in case. That's pretty fucking bad. I contend we wouldn't need the movie because I'm fairly confident John Bolton will bust out this speech in front of the United Nations one of these days. I'd bet money on it.

YouTube Clip Of The Day

Marshawn Lynch is ridin' dirty!


Anonymous said...

By all accounts, you only had about 4 beers that night.

Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

yeah, but they were 175 oz beers