Sunday, October 29, 2006

Some Random Football Thoughts From Sunday

I don't usually blog on weekends because of the Sabbath or whatever ('whatever' meaning laziness), but I'm pretty bored so here ya go.

If it wasn't bad enough for people in Western Massachusetts (i.e. you live in Western Massachusetts) check this out! Ouch, while civilization is watching one of the best games of the year, Broncos-Colts, you guys get the Former Patriots Assistant Bowl. Have fun watching Charlie Frye overshoot Braylon Edwards for 3 hours. I'd rather run an employment office that helps ex-Real World cast members find legitimate work.
Chad Johnson is the man. There's no denying this.

He's hilarious and his trash talking and celebrations are non stop entertainment.

The latest gimmick, is to refer to himself as "Ocho Cinco" referring to his #85. He even wore a jersey with that on the nameplate (He peeled it off prior to gametime, probably to avoid another fine).

Chad, I love you. You're awesome. But you gotta be more accurate, brah

Finally, cheers to Marques Colston. Not only is his Tight End eligibility completely awesome bogus, but he's probably the greatest Hofstra alumnus ever to walk the face of the planet (if Christopher Walken didn't drop out, this would be alot closer).

You hear that, Francis Ford Coppola? How about you, Madeline Albright? You weren't even in the discussion, Wayne Chrebet.

YouTube Clip Of The Weekend

This is a fantastic, award winning film by my buddies over at Ragtag Films (up there in the list of greatest Hofstra alumni to grace the Earth). Hopefully you enjoy this film, which is, sadly, as close to non-fiction as it gets, and if you do, I'll have a few more Ragtag-related treats for you coming up in the next couple of days.

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