Thursday, October 19, 2006

Things Like This Happen When Your Girlfriend Lives 200 Miles Away

What follows is an actual text message conversastion that occured between my roomate and I while I waited to get beer at the Bruins game.


Can you Tivo The Office and My Name Is Earl and, i'm a fag, Gray's Anatomy for me? I forgot to.

Sure homo. Consider it done.


You read that correctly. I was about to attend a hockey game, but couldn't get my mind off Gray's Anatomy. I mean, I don't know why I needed to watch it anyways. It's one of those shows were 1.9 million things happen, but at the same time, nothing happens.

My prediction: Girl from Old School has sex with roughly 2-3 people OR spends the whole episode whining about only having sex with 0-1 people/person. All the while, Asian girl complains that she isn't having sex at all because Black dude's confidence is shattered. Meanwhile, an estimated 7-11 people have sex with people other than who they're supposed to.

And then they perform surgery.

Anyways, our ghetto RCN cablebox won't let us watch what we recorded so despite all of my faggotry I might never no what happened with those slutty doctors in Seattle (which is, by the by, how my friend Mike explains Med School in Wisconsin).

On the way home from the game, I was sitting on the T, listening to music and mostly minding my own business when I caught site of something awesome. The crazy "Jesus Guy" got on the T at Arlington. In case you're not familiar with Jesus Guy, I'll explain. He stands outside every pro sporting event in Boston wearing a sandwich board and passing out literature telling us we are all sinners if we do not accept the Lord and blah, blah, blah. I always thought this dude was an imposter because he is even at events on Sundays and I saw him outside of a Red Sox game on Easter. I'm no theology major, but shouldn't he be at church?

Anyways, he got on the T, which threw me off because I thought he could just walk home across the Charles River (Zing!). For the rest of the trip he was behind me and I lost him, but I do know if he came next to me on a crowded train, there'd be no way I'd give up my seat. Fuck that. You're condemning me to Hell, I'm making you stand from Hynes/ICA to Newton Highlands. Asshole.

YouTube Clip of the Day


Kaaaaatelyn said...

The first time I MADE YOU watch grey's you said it was "gay" and you wouldn't get "into it."
Oh how the mighty have fallen!

Jimmy (Gunshot) said...

Jeff.. I like Grey's Anatomy as well. The only thing is.. Rather than being at a hockey game.. I was at an Arts and Crafts program where there were 13 women present all talking about periods. I actually added things to the conversation. I was intrigued, what can I say?

Matt said...

That might be my favorite YouTube clip of the day yet.

I'll give RCN a call today, I don't want you going through withdrawal.

Dave "Nicccccce" Chaves said...

I watched Grey's Anatomy once for 5 minutes and a huge bomb ripped through the hospital while that Anna Nalick song "Breatheeee, Just Breatheee" played in the background. Unintentional Comedy Rating: 8

Too bad the bomb didn't wipe out the entire cast, thus ending the show. You're a fag, dude. And this coming form a kid who watches A Walk to Remember everytime it's on tv!

Matt said...

Let it be known that Jeff is drinking a Seagram's strawberry daquari right now.

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